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Not sure if we can assist with a project? Maybe there are some details with your testing issue which are too complicated to pigeon hole with a simple form? Fill out a quick form, and our team will quickly get you to the correct scientist, materials experts, microscopy expert, or QC/EHS person. We will get back to you within 1 business day. 

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Send us a sample for quick testing, this form will make it easy. This next page will guide you through how to submit a chain of custody form to reach our lab, get information to request sampling media, order blanks for environmental shipping, and print shipping labels. Just fill in the needed information, package your sample, enclose the documents, attach the shipping label, and notify us your sample is on the way!

What do You know about RJ Lee Group?

RJ Lee Group is an industrial forensics analytical laboratory and scientific consulting firm. We partner with our clients to deal with problems encountered during the manufacturing process, ensure regulatory compliance, and uncover and understand the root cause of product failure. Our network of technical experts provides you with customized solutions that are flexible, scalable, and best-suited to your application. Since 1985, we have worked toward one goal: to solve the daily technical challenges you face.